Online Course for Young Naturalists


The Young Naturalists Course is a blended course for students to explore the natural world. It is based on the premise of 'Last Child in the Woods' which demonstrated the fact that how modernization and changing lifestyles have taken our children away from woods and made them homebound, as that's where all electrical outlets are. The purpose of the course is to expose children to different natural ecosystems and reconnect them with woods within their own home city.

However, due to the current lockdown situation, we have curated this course with home-based assignments.

Dates: 15 April -15 May 2020
Duration: 1 Month
Age group: 10-14 years
Activities: 4 Chapters, 3 video lectures, 1 Project work, 4 quizzes, 2 online assignments, 1 online research, 1 Essay writing, and 2 DIY projects, 4 Video conferencing sessions
Topics: Wildlife of Home Garden, Wildlife of Public Parks, Wildlife of City Forest. and Urban Lakes
Course fee: Rs.1500/- per head  

Top Five Takeaways:
1. Develop basic understanding about urban flora and fauna
2. Learn to identify local birds, butterflies and trees with help of mobile apps
3. Understand the threats faced by each ecosystem and develop action plan in addressing the same
4. Learn how to carry out wildlife research and become a citizen scientist
5. Develop stewardship in protecting your own environment

Faculty: Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, Ms. Priti Choghale

Course fee: Rs.1500/- per head.

For queries contact 9987013144 or write to team@inaturewatch.org