Board of Trustees

Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, Chairman



A lepidopterist who has been pursuing butterflies through his camera for the past 25 years. His pursuance gave India its first modern Field Guide to Indian Butterflies. He is the elected member of the Governing Council of the Bombay Natural History Society and has been associated with them for 35 years. He is known for his excellent wildlife photography and immense knowledge about natural history. His other publications include Common Wildflowers and Moths. He started his passion for wildlife with reptiles and then got involved with several other subjects and finally settled with butterflies. He is aptly known as 'Living Natural History Encyclopedia' and 'Butterfly Man'.


Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi, Founder & Managing Trustee


 An award winning entomologist, educationist and entrepreneur, Dr. Shubhalaxmi has excelled in all her field of expertise. A moth researcher in 1993 with BNHS , becoming an environmental educator in 1997 and eventually transforming into an ecopreneur in 2014 after quitting her job- is a reckoning story of perseverance and resilience. Nature conservation and environmental protection is her domain. Her key competencies are organization development and business development. She founded three entities ; Ladybird Environmental Consulting, iNaturewatch Foundation and Birdwing Publishers.


Ms. Jyoti Palekar, Honorary Secretary


Jyoti has Masters Degree (M.Tech) in Environmental Science and Engineering from IIT Mumbai and diploma in Business Management from NMIMS. She has 24 years of consulting experience out of which 17 years is with Jacobs Engineering India Private Limited. Jyoti Co founded STEP, an organization working in the area of sustainability and environment the year 2010. She has managed large environmental & waste management projects from multinational clients, large Indian private sector and public sector companies. Jyoti has work experience in United States of America, United Kingdom and Thailand. 


Dr. Ketki Marthak, Vice Chairman


Dr Ketki Marthak is a consultant ear nose and throat surgeon by profession. She is attached to Ram Krishna Mission hospital, BCJ hospital or Asha Parekh hospital and Millat hospital. She is a Life member of BNHS and a member of IBCN (BNHS) Mumbai. She has a special interest in birds and their conservation  She has conducted several nature trails for students in local languages in and around Mumbai and has conducted nature camps for BNHS. She has travelled different parts of India and the world to enjoy nature and birds. 


Ms. Avi Sabawala, Vice Chairman


Avi has a MSW LlB, Advanced Diploma in management. She is a well known Corporate Trainer specializing in soft skills & conducting training for industrial personnel at all levels. Her most popular programme is Presentation Skills. She also is a regular speaker at many forums and besides management subjects also give talks on subjects as management lessons from nature, enjoying India's Bio-diversity etc. which are very well received. She is the first Lady President at VCCI in its 50 years history. She also runs her own SSI unit manufacturing heat Treatment Equipment.