Wildlife Week & Joy of Giving Week


 Celebrate Widlife Week and Joy of Giving ( Daan Ustav) Week falling on 2-8 October 2019 with us by carrying out single act of kindness or giving for wildlife.  

  Wildlife Week is all about taking care of our wildlife and Joy of Giving is about selfless giving. We have combined the spirit of both these events in urging citizens to make our cities more liveable and comfortable for our city wildlife such as birds, bees, frogs and so on.  



1. Choose the days ( 1 or all)  you wish to participate

2. Keep your preparations ready for the day

3. Prepare the item and take the picture of you and your item. You could also make a short video.

4. Share it on your Facebook profile as well as in this event page by adding following hastags #joyofgiving2019 #Daanutsav2019 #wildlifeweek2019 


 Contact us at 9987013144 or write to us at info@inaturewatch.org 

Seven Actions

 We have identified following seven actions which need to carried out on daily basis during the week and share a photograph of the same on social media.   



2 October: Make a Bird Home

3 October: Make a Bee Home

4 October: Make a Widlife Pond

5 October: Make a Bug Hotel

6 October: Make a  Bird Feeder

7 October: Make a  Frog Home

8 October:  Make a Bee feeder

7 Acts 7 Days for Wildlife

Day 1: Make a Bird Home


Make a variety of bird homes from a variety of waste  materials. Different birds need different size of nests. You may use cartons, plastic jars, bottles, pipes and so on. Take care to hang the bird nest in a secluded but green area.

Day 2: Make a Bee Home


Help solitary bees by providing nesting shelters. Use recycled plastic bottle and paper rolls to make this simple nest. Hang it in your garden in a secluded area.

Day 3: Make a Pond


Water bodies play an important role in ecosystem. You could make one and install it inside your garden and enjoy the variety of wildlife that gets attracted to it.

Day 4: Make a Bug Hotel


Making bug hotel is not only fun but it helps in protecting critters and crawlers of your garden. They play an important role in the food chain of city biodiversity. You could use a range of  scrap items to build one in your garden.

Day 5: Make a Bird Feeder


 The importance of bird feeders is during winters and summer when food is scarce. Here are a few tips to easily build a few bird feeders with recycled materials. We can place them in our gardens, balconies or hedge.  

Day 6: Make a Frog Home


Start by attracting native species of frogs and toads in your area. You don’t have to build a large water feature to attracts frogs to your landscape. Frogs & toads are happy as long as they have available moisture and protection from predators.  


Day 7: Make a Bee Feeder

Just like bird feeders, bee feeders function the same way. They too provide food and nourishment during extreme weather. The bee food is usually pollen and nectar. If you could provide readymade pollen which is available in the market is a good alternative for natural pollen. Otherwise you could also make sugar syrup ( 1 part sugar, 5 parts water) even that will do as an alternative for nectar. Take care you hang the bee feeder in area away from human disturbance. The feed could be changed during night hours.