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Free Marine Walk for Schools and Colleges


Mumbai beaches are so diverse in nature and Chimbai beach is no less. A forgotten beach of Mumbai, we want to create awarness about the diversity of Chimbai beach. iNaturewatch Foundation is happy to start a series of  interesting marine walks at Chimbai beach, Bandra. The programme includes a marine trail along the beach, exploring the low tide zone and rock pools. Interested Schools and colleges can contact us to conduct free mangrove walks.  

Hyderabad Chapter


Nizampet lake rehabilitation project has completed its one year and the changes we see is incredible. The once barren lake is covered with greenery now all around. In one year we planted over 6000 plants which have grown well. The lake where rarely walkers u should to visit has now become one of the favourite walking point in  the Nizampet area with almost 300 footfall everyday. Also, one can observe different species of birds and butterflies around the lake which definitely makes it attractive. Notably, plants and trees are the core of our ecosystem they can change our lives like they changed Nizampet lake.

Bengaluru success



We successfully completed 1 year for Bengaluru Venture. We got an overwhelming  response from the bengalurians. Till now, we have conducted 6 sponsored nature walks, 9 nature events, and 2 camps. We have reached around 2000 participants within one year. Mr. Madusudhan  Shukla helped us to make this possible . 

Shorekeepers of Mumbai



This season we are again starting our FREE mangroves walks in collaboration with United Way Mumbai. iNaturewatch Foundation is happy to start this unique mangrove awareness programme- Shorekeepers of Mumbai. The programme includes a mangrove trail along the creeks, shorelines and dense mangrove patches. Interested Schools and colleges may contact us to conduct free mangrove walks. 

Field Guide to Indian Moths


Birdwing Publishers launched India’s first field guide on Indian Moths which is now available in stores. It features descriptions of 773 species from 37  moth families depicted in 156 colour plates.   Buy here

Online Courses


Here is an opportunity to Learn about bugs, birds, plants, kitchen gardening and gardening for wildlife virtually! Learn real facts, enjoy experiential learning, get outdoors on your self-guided field trips and get mentored online!   Click here for more details.

iNaturewatch Mobile Apps


We highly recommend four free mobile apps developed by Ladybird Environmental Consulting; iTrees, iButterflies, iNaturewatch Birds and eForestrails-SGNP. Download all these apps here for free