Teacher Training

Shorekeepers of Mumbai

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This presentation covers mangrove ecosystem of Greater Mumbai. It includes plants and animal found among mangroves and also discusses the threats surrounding mangroves.

Biodiversity Aichi Targets

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This presentation discusses 20 aichi targets set by Convenion of Biological Diversity. Each target is elaborated with set of questions and examples from India. These targets are to be achieved by 2020.

Exploring Nature's Classroom

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This presentation provides tools and techniques for outdoor education. It will help teachers in enriching their classroom experience while teaching environment education.

Grant Writing


This is a detailed primer which will help teachers to learn the skills of grant writing. It provides step by step instructions in forming first draft of a proposal. It also includes few templates.

Bird Architecture


This presentation deals with the variety in shapes, sizes and materials used by different birds for building their nests. It provides interesting insights about the birds.

Insect Architecture


This presentation dwells into the interesting and yet mysterious ways of insect life on how they care for their young ones and how they make their families.

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