Sunday Summer Camps

Why to enroll?


Students are increasingly loosing touch with natural world. These workshops are designed to provide hands on experience for the students while exploring the natural world.

These workshops will be improve:

1. Cognitive skills

2. Communication skills

3.  Dexterous  skills

4.  Team Building

5.  Empathy

Who should enroll?


Students from age groups from 10-14 years can join these workshops. The students should be able to manage themselves during the workshop and take care of their things.

The language of instruction will be English and Hindi, so students should be able to understand these languages.

Workshop on Kitchen Gardening



1. Planter making

2. Seed Ball making

3. Potting a plant

4. Compost making

5. Making a seed pen

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Workshop on Animal Homes



1. Bird nest

2. Bird feeder

3. Bee home

4. Water dispenser

5. Bird Nesting Material 

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Nature Photography Workshop



1. Nature Trail

2. Photographing

3. Processing of photographs

4. Editing and uploading of pictures

5. Camera care

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Gardening fro Wildlife Workshop



1. Setting up Butterfly Garden

2.Setting up Bird Garden

3. Setting up Bee Garden

4. Making garden signage

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