Social Activities for Schools & Colleges

In this section we provide services for schools (ICSE, CBSE) and colleges (IB) that fulfill criteria for  International Award for Young People (IAYP), Social Useful and Productive Works (SUPW) and  Creative, Activity, Service (CAS).We provide possible programme ideas relevant for each category.  Check out various sections below.

International Award for Young People (IAYP)

Volunteering for Environment


1. Kharghar Valley Restoration Project: There are range of activities that students can undertake, starting from habitat enhancements to biodiversity mapping. Bronze/Silver/Gold

2. Rejuvenation of Chimbai Beach in Bandra: The students can help in creating marine awareness,help in marine research and community clean up drives. Bronze/Silver

Adventurous Journey


1. Monthly Nature Walks: Students can participate in regular walks conducted by us which explores different ecosystems and wildlife. They could feed the data to global databases. Bronze/Silver/Gold 

2. Nature Camps: Students can participate in our nature camps which are based on different themes and seasons. They could conduct ecotourism feasibility studies at each location. Bronze

Skills & Physical Recreation


1. Wildlife Photography: Students can sign up for wildlife photography workshops and learn basics of photography. They could also showcase their work through our platform and gain recognition. Bronze

2. Research Experience for Students Programme: Students could undergo research training in field biology and learn the rope of doing scientific investigation. Bronze/Silver/Gold

Socially Useful and Productive Works( SUPW)



1. Setting School Butterfly/Kitchen Gardens: Students can help in setting up butterfly/school gardens under our guidance. They could establish community gardens too.  

2. Creating Animal Shelters: Students could help in setting up bird homes, bug hotels, frog home and so on for their school or a community garden. 

Habitat Maintenance


 1. Maintenance of Butterfly Habitats: Students could work in set up habitats by conducting periodic maintenance works, creating awareness among local communities and documenting local biodiversity.  

2. Tree Carbon & Tree Tags: Students will learn methods of  calculation carbon sink in trees and also help in naming them. They could do this exercise for any public park. 

Citizen Science


1. School Moth Monitoring Programme: Students can undertake moth studies in their school campuses and document moths. They could publish the data in form or articles and blogs. 

2. Monitoring of City Biodiversity: Students could use our mobile apps and monitor local birds, trees and butterflies. The data could be uploaded on global citizen science portals.  

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)



1. Develop Promotional Videos: Students could help in developing promotional programme/project videos for environmental nonprofits.

2. Writing articles and blogs: Students could help in designing newsletters, write articles and blogs for environmental nonprofits.

3. Develop Posters and Booklets: Students could develop thematic posters and booklets for environmental causes linked with local communities.



1. Conducting Studies on Environmental Quotient of Local Communities: Students can help in conducting interviews, online surveys and site visits to collect data on environmental quotient of a particular community and devise ways to improve the same.

2. Conduct Green Audits for Housing Societies: Student conduct green audits based on environmental parameters and advise housing societies on improving their ratings.



1. Volunteer with Nonprofits: Students could work with local environmental nonprofits in lending a helping hand. They could be involved in day to day nonprofit management activities where they learn as well as contribute.

2.  Kharghar Valley Restoration Project: There are range of activities that students can undertake, starting from habitat enhancements to biodiversity mapping