Eco-days July: 1-7 Van Mahotsav Week, 26 International Day for Mangroves

April 2016- March 2017


24 March 2018: Mangrove Walk for Vishwajyot School

We conducted Mangrove Walk for 100 students(Grade 5) of the Vishwjyot School. This was a free walk sponsored by the United Way, Mumbai. The students were divided into two batches. The 1st batch visited mangroves behind T. S. Chankya, while the 2nd Batch were taken to Talawe wetland. Several mangrove species like Mangrove apple, Sea holly, Gray mangrove,  and Meswak were seen along during the walk.  Students collected specimens of various shells and  dead crabs.  Say something interesting about your business here.


11 March 2018: Learn butterfly gardening at Jarkabande Kaval Forest

We conducted short butterfly gardening nature trail for participants in Bengaluru.  Around 20 participants attended the walk. Mr. Isaac Kehimkar led the group, and Mr. Faisal Haque volunteered during the trail.  


25th February 2018 : Wetland World!

The early morning 'Wetland Trail' at Sagarvihar Vashi was indeed full of surprises. The trail started at 8 am in the morning and ended at 10.30 am. A group of 12 nature enthusiasts gathered to learn about mangrove ecosystem. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar. Different mangrove species like Mangrove Apple, Milky Mangrove, River Mangrove, Sea-holly, Grey Mangrove and Meswak were seen along with different mangrove associated plants and various bird species. 


24th February 2018 : Mangrove Walk for Schools

A mangrove walk was conducted for two schools. This was a free walk sponsored by United Way Mumbai. Children had a great time learning about wetland ecosystem. 50 students (grade 7) of Sacred heart school, Vashi, and later 47 Students (grade 7) of Euro School, Airoli participated in the walk. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Preeti Dalvi.  


18th February 2018 : Kaikondrahalli Lake Festival

A free lake safari at Kaikondrahalli Lake as a part of the 'Kere Habba Lake Festival' was conducted. The walk was attended by more than 30 participants. We started at 7.30 am in the morning and ended at 9.30 am. The walk was led by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla. The walk was interesting, and participants could learn about the flora and fauna.  


17 Feb 2018; Mangrove walk for KPMG

A mangrove walk for students sponsored by KPMG corporate was conducted. There were 37 participants including students and corporates employees. We spotted around 35 bird species, 8 butterfly species, spiders, garden lizard and insects. The butterfly spotting comprised of the Blue Tiger, Plain Tiger, Common Crow, Rounded Pierrot, Salmon Arab, Wanderer, Bluebottle and Emigrant. The show stealer were the school of fingerlings and the cast of crabs.  


4th Feb 2018 : Free Wetland Safari in Talawe, Seawoods

We conducted ‘Mangrove Walk’ at Talawe to show the support to the residents of the NRI complex to save the creek and mangrove which are going to be destroyed under the name of development. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar for 30 enthusiast participants. The walk was sponsored by United Way. Participants enjoyed the walk. Highlights of walk: Mangroves like Grey Mangrove, Sea Holly, Meswak, Mangrove apple, and other trees seen.   


4th Feb 2018 : Wetland world at Palava

The early morning 'Wetland Trail' at Casa Rio Gold, Palava was indeed one full of surprises. The trail started with 5 nature admirers and ended with double the number of people. The unique landscape of Casa Rio Gold garden offers the wildlife lovers a blend of birding, butterfly watching, tree identification and more. The river ecosystem stretching alongside the garden was filled with a lot of bird activity   


2 Feb 2018 : Mangrove Walk for Vishwajyot School

We conducted a mangrove trail for 103, grade 5 students of Vishwajyot School, Kharghar. The group was divided into two different batches. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and guided by Ms. Shruti Nag and Ms. Preeti Dalvi. This walk was planned to celebrate World Wetland Day which falls on 2nd February.   


27th Jan 2018: Butterfly Talk at Royal College, Mira Road

Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerce invited Mr. Isaac Kehimkar to give a talk on butterflies and butterfly walk.  


26th Jan 2018: Green Birthday

 We celebrated another green birthday for Mr. and Mrs. Goyal’s family, for their son Eshaan. All the youngsters participated in the secrets of the natural world with nature trail, wildlife Quiz, Treasure hunt and animal footprints on the forest floor and many more.  


21 Jan 2018: Mangrove Walk at Bhandup Pumping Station


A group of 30 nature enthusiasts gathered to learn about mangrove ecosystem. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. Shubhalaxmi. We saw different mangrove species like, Meswak, Red Mangrove (Rare Species of mangrove), Nipa (Mangrove Palm), and Gray Mangrove (Dominant), Agalocha etc. Besides mangrove we also got to see reptiles, butterflies and insects.