Past Events


17-18 November 2018: Nature Camp at Prani Sanctuary

On saturday afternoon we started our unique camp at Prani Sanctuary. All the 14 enthusiast participants including kids and adults started the Prani Sanctuary tour along with the Madhusudhan Shukla which was followed by wildlife quiz and night walk. We also celebrated the birthday, which was the fun part of the camp. In the morning we had morning walk, animal footprint cast and lots of activities. Overall participants enjoyed the camp and found informative and energetic. And we concluded the camp on sunday afternoon with the beautiful group picture. 


18 November 2018: Bird Walk at Bhandup Pumping Station

We conducted ‘Birdwalk’’ at Bhandup Pumping station; one of the famous birding spot. Our 24 participants enjoyed the walk along with the Dr. Ketki Marthak's bird stories .Participants learnt new things about birds and their habitat. While returning from the trail all the enthusiast participants started spotting the birds and identifying them. 


28 October 2018: Butterfly Count with Butterfly man in Bangalore

 A small group of butterfly lovers huddled up on chilly morning at Jarakbande Tree Park. The nature trail was conducted along newly developed pathway around the tree park. A group of tiger butterflies were seen seeking alkaloids from damaged plants. The group got to witness egg laying by emigrants and saw caterpillar of gull on caparis plants. The trail was followed by butterfly count which was conducted in groups inside the butterfly habitat of tree park. 


21 October 2018: Butterflying in Karnala

 A group of 15 ventured on a hidden trail on the foothills of Karnala forest. The beauty of this trail was that it was a canopy trail as most of the trail was shaded with trees and bushes and the group had entire forest to themselves. The hidden trail provided an array of sightings from tree frogs to butterfly eggs. It took four hours for the group to decipher dense forest trails. The group was throughly mesmerised with the forest bathing exercise they experienced. 


2 October 2018: Wildflowers Walk for Kilbilahat Group

 A group of 31 students accompanied by their passionate teachers joined us on a flowery trail at Kharghar Valley. Younger and older students got enchanted with the plant and animal life they witnessed along the route. Dr. Shubhalaxmi and Isaac Kehimkar conducted the two hour walk.   


30 September 2018: Nature Trail @ Bhandup Pumping Station for Udaan India Foundation


On 30 September 2018 iNaturewatch Foundation conducted nature trail for students of Udaan India Foundation. The trail was conducted by Preeti Dalvi and Wilma DCunha. Students learned about the mangroves and their importance in our day to day life.


30 Sep 2018: Wildflower Walk at Kharghar Valley

 A group of 15 nature enthusiasts from all age groups joined us today on a sunny trail to Kharghar Valley. The group was led by Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. Shubhalaxmi. The group saw around 20 species of wildflowers most of which were seasonal. The group learnt the association of flower colour, size and shape with that of their pollinators.  


23 September 2018: Butterfly Walk at Jarkhabande Tree Park

 We conducted a butterfly walk at Jarakbande Kaval Foreest for the 11 participants. The walk was lead by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla. The walk began at 8.00 am and ended at 10.00 am. The participants enjoyed the walk as many found it to be very informative.  


8 September 2018: Nature Trail at Nagala for KPMG

 We conducted nature trail for the college students which were sponsored by KPMG. All around 48 participants were present during the trail including students and the volunteers. The trail was conducted by Dr. Ketki Marthak and Ms. Preeti Dalvi. 


19 August 2018:Insect Safari at Nagala Block

We conducted our monsoon special insect safari in Nagala Block, Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Ms. Priti Choghale conducted the walk for 31 enthusiast participants with Ms. Preeti Dalvi. People joined us from the different parts of the city. The trail was full of insect action. Today was a hawkmoth caterpillar day. We saw varieties of huge hawkmoth caterpillars, spiders, moths, butterflies and other insects like grasshoppers and beetles. There were various wildflowers were flowering in the whole patch. Overall participants enjoyed the walk. 


12 August 2018: Explore Elephant Habitat at Bangalore

 On the occasion of the ‘World Elephant Day’ in order to raise awareness about the largest land animal of India, iNaturewatch Foundation in collaboration with A Rocha Field Study Centre celebrated the day by exploring an elephant habitat on the outskirts of Bangalore. 15 enthusiast participants including both young and old, gathered at Kasserguppe, a village on the north-west boundary of the national park. 


Mangrove Competition for Schools and Colleges

 On the occasion of the ‘International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems’, an inter-school and inter-collegiate competition on the theme of ‘Mangroves Conservation’ was conducted. Schools and colleges were encouraged to nominate their creative and talented students to participate in photography, slogan, poetry and poster making competition by contacting schools and colleges.  


21-22 July 2018: Mothing Camp in Karnala Bird Sanctuary

 We conducted mothing camp at Karnala to celebrate ' National Moth Week'. A group of 12 enthusiastic participants joined the camp. The next day was very adventurous as they day began with breakfast in forest machan belonging to a tribal and the local guide took us onto a hidden trail on foot hills and other end of the sanctuary.The group leaders were Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Isaac Kehimkar assisted by Preeti Dalvi, Priti Choghale and Wilma D'cunah.


14-15 July 2018: Mothing at Ramanagaram

 iNaturewatch Foundation conducted a mothing camp at Ramanagaram, Bangalore on 14th and 15th July, 2018. There were 2 nature trails, moth quiz, presentation on moths and overnight mothing on light sheet was a great experience for all the participants. The camp was conducted by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukala and Mr. Rachit Singh. All over we observed around fifty species of moths. During the nature trail varieties of caterpillars, beetles, spiders, birds and other flora and fauna were seen. All over 10 participants participated in our camp. The participants enjoyed the camp as many found it to be very informative and new experience for all. Morning trail was based on the insect theme, which was conducted by Mr. Madhusudan Shukla. There were around 15 enthusiast participants were present for the trail.  


8 July 2018: Forest Walk to Green Valley Park

 Sunday 23 participants from different parts of Greater Mumbai huddled at the Green Valley Park in CBD Belapur.   participants learnt about variety of monsoon special plants.  Participants enjoyed crossing through two major streams inside the forest.  Overall a fun and refreshing morning. People wanted longer trails which we promise to conduct from next month onwards. 


24 June 2018: Nature trail @ Aarey

We conducted a nature trail for 25 nature lovers at aarey colony. The trail started with a brief about iNaturewatch Foundation and Aarey followed by an observation game. Further, the participants explored the area and learned about the flora and fauna of the place. 


23 June 2018: Teacher Training Workshop @ JBCN International School

 Teacher Training Workshop: We conducted two sessions for JBCN International School, Borivali on 23 June 2018. Around 60 teachers attended these sessions which were conducted by Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi. The topics were; 1. Biodiversity Aichi Targets:This session was about understanding Biodiversity Aichi Targets. The teachers were engaged in group work to respond to the questions raised under each target. 


17 June 2018: Monsoon Walk at Muthurayanabetta

Our monsoon special trail at Muthurayanabetta receives response from 20 participants. The group led by Mr. Madhusudhan shukla and Mr. Subramanyam Ramanathan. The walk was focused on monsoon special flora and fauna and landscape changes during rains.  Participants thoroughly enjoyed the monsoon special walk with positive feedback.   


17 June 2018: Monsoon Walk at Kharghar Valley

 Our monsoon special trail received massive response from 44 participants was all set for the trail at Kharghar Valley. The group split into two and was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi. The walk was focused mainly on the landscape changes, happens during rains. It was an adventurous learning experience and rain made it all the more wonderful and enjoyable.  


2 June 2018: Lecture for UGC Refresher Course at Somaiya College

   K.J.Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Vidyavihar invited Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar as a resource person for the refresher course on ‘Biodiversity Conservation and sustainable Development’ organized by UGC Human Resource Development Centre, University Of Mumbai on 2nd June 2018 on the topic Insect Architecture / Insect diversity .   


1 June 2018: Planter Making Workshop for KPMG

On 1st June we conducted planter making workshop for KPMG corporate. First, we had nature trail which was conducted by Ms. Priti Choghale, Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, and Mr. Prashant. followed by planter making workshop which was conducted by Ms. Wilma D'cunha and Ms. Preeti Dalvi. Overall 60 participant were attended the workshop at MNP, Sion.   


27 May 2018: Bugwalk with Bug Lady in Bannergata

A small group of individuals turned up to attend our first ever walk in Bannerghata. The theme was insects and the trail was led by Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi- the buglady. The trail started with an encounter with red bug which the participants learnt to handle which helped as an ice breaker. Thereafter the participants learnt about dragongflies and damselflies, variety of butterflies those were flying along the trail followed by a detailed account on termites and other social insects. The participants learnt on how to observe and identify butterflies. They also learnt about the operations of a social insect colony.  


27 May 2018: Visit to Flamingo sanctuary

We conducted flamingo boat ride and Mangrove Walk for 43 nature enthusiasts. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and guided by Ms. Preeti Dalvi. We divided participants into two batches. First, we visited the mangrove interpretation center, then we had small short film after that we had a mangrove walk. We saw different mangrove species like Meswak (Mangrove associate), Sea holly, Mangrove apple, river mangrove and Gray Mangrove (Dominant), etc. Besides mangrove, we also had a boat ride for flamingos watching. We saw a huge flock of both Greater and lesser flamingos. The participants enjoyed the walk as many found it to be very informative. 


20 May 2018:Workshop on Kitchen Gardening

 On a warm Sunday, 17 city gardeners huddled up inside our office to a fact checker workshop on kitchen gardening. Many were aspiring gardeners who wanted to get trained before they could start their home gardens. Our starting presentation on- Essentials of Kitchen Gardening set a firm and clear foundation which cleared several myths surrounding to the practices in kitchen gardening. The best myth busting session was the ‘Compost making’ where there were endless questions on do’s and don’t’s. The real charge up sessions were when each of them made planters out of plastic bottles for sprouts and potted chillies plant and took them back as souvenirs from the workshop. It was indeed a messy workshop but what’s fun of gardening without getting your hands,clothes and spaces not getting soiled! 


29 April 2018: Visit to Flamingo Sanctuary

 We conducted flamingo boat ride and Mangrove Walk for 48 nature enthusiasts. There were two different batches of 24 were formed. The walk was led by Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar. First, we visited the mangrove interpretation center, then we move for the mangrove walk and la twse had boat ride for flamingos. 


17 April 2018: Flamingo Boat Safari

 Today we celebrated birthday on boat for birthday girl Shanaya with her friends. We visited the mangrove interpretation center, and then we move for the mangrove walk. Besides mangrove walk, we also had a boat ride for flamingos watching. At last we cut the cake on the boat. 


15 April 2018: Visit to Flamingo Sanctuary

We conducted flamingo boat ride and Mangrove Walk for 30 nature enthusiasts. The walk was led by Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and guided by Mrs. Shruti Nag. First, we visited the mangrove interpretation center, and then we move for the mangrove walk. 

Grant Writing Workshop

3 April 2018: Grant writing workshop at SNDT, Malad

 We conducted Grant writing workshop for staff of the SNDT college on the topics such as offering under CSR grants, major and minor research from UGC. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi. 


1 April 2018: Visit to the Flamingo Sanctuary

  A group of 18 nature enthusiasts gathered to learn about mangrove ecosystem and see flamingos in a boat ride. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Ms. Preeti Dalvi. We saw different mangrove species and a huge flock of lesser flamingos during the boat ride. Besides that, we saw various other birds like Gray Heron, Seagulls (Black-headed and Brown-headed), Terns, Sandpiper, Godwits, Black-headed Ibis, Red-vented Bulbul, White-cheeked Bulbul, Green Bee-eater, Egrets, Red Shank, Cormorants and several more. 


1 April 2018: Green Club established at Palava, Dombivali

 A Green Club was established to implement green initiatives for the residents of the Palava City. The programme began with nature trail inside their Golf Course. Indeed an unusual place, yet we found wagtails, magpie robins, bulbuls, drongos, pond herons, kingfishers, cormorants, and saw some magnificent trees like Kadam, Copper Pod, Scholar's Tree, Laburnum, Pink Tabebuia, African Tulip and hibernating African Giant Snails too. In all, there were 50 participants in the walk which was led by Dr. Shubhalaxmi.The programme ended with a discussion on developing event calendar for the Green Club .


24 March 2018: Mangrove Walk for Vishwajyot School

 We conducted Mangrove Walk for 100 students(Grade 5) of the Vishwjyot School. This was a free walk sponsored by the United Way, Mumbai. The students were divided into two batches. The 1st batch visited mangroves behind T. S. Chankya, while the 2nd Batch were taken to Talawe wetland. Several mangrove species like Mangrove apple, Sea holly, Gray mangrove,  and Meswak were seen along during the walk.  Students collected specimens of various shells and  dead crabs. 


11 March 2018: Learn butterfly gardening at Jarkabande Kaval Forest

  We conducted short butterfly gardening nature trail for participants in Bengaluru.  Around 20 participants attended the walk. Mr. Isaac Kehimkar led the group, and Mr. Faisal Haque volunteered during the trail. 


25th February 2018 : Wetland World!


The early morning 'Wetland Trail' at Sagarvihar Vashi was indeed full of surprises. The trail started at 8 am in the morning and ended at 10.30 am. A group of 12 nature enthusiasts gathered to learn about mangrove ecosystem. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar. Different mangrove species like Mangrove Apple, Milky Mangrove, River Mangrove, Sea-holly, Grey Mangrove and Meswak were seen along with different mangrove associated plants and various bird species.


24th February 2018 : Mangrove Walk for Schools

 A mangrove walk was conducted for two schools. This was a free walk sponsored by United Way Mumbai. Children had a great time learning about wetland ecosystem. 50 students (grade 7) of Sacred heart school, Vashi, and later 47 Students (grade 7) of Euro School, Airoli participated in the walk. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Preeti Dalvi. 


18th February 2018 : Kaikondrahalli Lake Festival

 A free lake safari at Kaikondrahalli Lake as a part of the 'Kere Habba Lake Festival' was conducted. The walk was attended by more than 30 participants. We started at 7.30 am in the morning and ended at 9.30 am. The walk was led by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla. The walk was interesting, and participants could learn about the flora and fauna. 


17 Feb 2018; Mangrove walk for KPMG

 A mangrove walk for students sponsored by KPMG corporate was conducted. There were 37 participants including students and corporates employees. We spotted around 35 bird species, 8 butterfly species, spiders, garden lizard and insects. The butterfly spotting comprised of the Blue Tiger, Plain Tiger, Common Crow, Rounded Pierrot, Salmon Arab, Wanderer, Bluebottle and Emigrant. The show stealer were the school of fingerlings and the cast of crabs. 


4th Feb 2018 : Free Wetland Safari in Talawe, Seawoods

 We conducted ‘Mangrove Walk’ at Talawe to show the support to the residents of the NRI complex to save the creek and mangrove which are going to be destroyed under the name of development. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar for 30 enthusiast participants. The walk was sponsored by United Way. Participants enjoyed the walk. Highlights of walk: Mangroves like Grey Mangrove, Sea Holly, Meswak, Mangrove apple, and other trees seen. 


4th Feb 2018 : Wetland world at Palava

 The early morning 'Wetland Trail' at Casa Rio Gold, Palava was indeed one full of surprises. The trail started with 5 nature admirers and ended with double the number of people. The unique landscape of Casa Rio Gold garden offers the wildlife lovers a blend of birding, butterfly watching, tree identification and more. The river ecosystem stretching alongside the garden was filled with a lot of bird activity 


2 Feb 2018 : Mangrove Walk for Vishwajyot School

We conducted a mangrove trail for 103, grade 5 students of Vishwajyot School, Kharghar. The group was divided into two different batches. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and guided by Ms. Shruti Nag and Ms. Preeti Dalvi. This walk was planned to celebrate World Wetland Day which falls on 2nd February. 


27th Jan 2018: Butterfly Talk at Royal College, Mira Road

 Royal College of Arts, Science and Commerce invited Mr. Isaac Kehimkar to give a talk on butterflies and butterfly walk. 


26th Jan 2018: Green Birthday

 We celebrated another green birthday for Mr. and Mrs. Goyal’s family, for their son Eshaan. All the youngsters participated in the secrets of the natural world with nature trail, wildlife Quiz, Treasure hunt and animal footprints on the forest floor and many more. 


21 Jan 2018: Mangrove Walk at Bhandup Pumping Station

 A group of 30 nature enthusiasts gathered to learn about mangrove ecosystem. The walk was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. Shubhalaxmi. We saw different mangrove species like, Meswak, Red Mangrove (Rare Species of mangrove), Nipa (Mangrove Palm), and Gray Mangrove (Dominant), Agalocha etc. Besides mangrove we also got to see reptiles, butterflies and insects. 


21 Jan 2018: Nature Walk near Bannerghatta National Park,Taralu Village, Bangalore

 Today we conducted ‘'Nature Walk near Bannerghatta National Park'’ at Taralu Village. The walk was attended by around 30 nature enthusiast. The group was guided by enthusiast guide Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla . We spotted various 50 plus bird species in two hours. 


14 January 2018: DCP Wildlife, Nature and Travel Exhibition, Thane

 Mr. Isaac Kehimkar talk on the topic "BUTTERFLIES OF MUMBAI" on 14th January 2018 during the 3rd Grand DCP Wildlife, Nature and Travel Exhibition held at Kalabhavan, Thane 


7 Jan 2018: Creek Watch at Karawe,Navi Mumbai

 Today we conducted “Bird Walk” at Karawe for beginners. The walk was attended by 6 bird enthusiast. The group was guided by Mr. Hardik Patel. We spotted various different species of the birds 


7th January 2018 : Tree Tour at Palava, Dombivali, Mumbai

 On Sunday, 7th January 2018 winter morning, residents of Palava city set out for 'Tree Tour' near the river side promenade at Palava which was led by Mr. Isaac Kehimkar. Participants had a wonderful time getting introduced to the surrounding trees. During the walk, participants learnt to identify different flowering trees, their uses, and fascinating facts about them. 


30 December 2017: Butterfly Walk at Jarakbande Kaval Forest, Bangalore

 We conducted a free butterfly walk at Jarakbande Kaval Forest. The walk was attended by 13 participants. The walk was lead by Mr. Ashok Sengupta and volunteered by Mr. Sundar Raj. The walk began at 9.00 am and ended at 11.00 am. The participants enjoyed the walk as many found it to be very informative. 


10 December 2017: Birding for beginners at kharghar hills

 We conducted bird walk at Kharghar Hills on 10th December 2017. The walk was attended by 15 enthusiastic bird watchers. The group was guided by Mr. Hardik Patel. We spotted around 15 different species of the birds. 


13 December 2017: Insect Study Tour for Mumbai Mobile Creche's Teachers

 we conducted a nature trail for 35 Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) trainees at Green Valley Park, Belapur CBD. The trainees had a great time learning about Insects. 


16 December 2017: Birding Break at Thurahalli Forest Tree Park

 A free 2 hours bird watching programme was organised at the Thurahalli Forest Tree Park in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department. 31 participants attended the walk. Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla and Mr. Harish Chandra conducted the trail for us 


17 December 2017: Bird Bash at Ramanagaram

 n enthusiastic group of 7 people participated in the walk. The group was guided by Mr. Madhusudhan Shukla. 


24 December 2017, Bird Bonanza for Beginners

 We conducted bird watching trail at Thurahalli Forest tree park in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department.More Than 45 People participated, in the trail. The group was divided into two; the first group was led by Ms. Deepa Mohan and the second group was led by Mr. Ulhas Anand. 


30 December 2017: Marine Biodiversity Walk @ Girgaon Chowpatty

 we conducted marine biodiversity walk at Girgaon Chowpatty with 10 marine enthusiasts.Marine walk was amazing at every step that we took with all the fascinating animals to which it is home. The group was guided by Mr. Pradip Patade and Vighnesh Samel. 


19 November 2017: Workshop on Glass Gardens (Terrarium Making Workshop)

 We conducted workshop on terrarium making on 19th November, 2017. 11 creative Participants participated in our terrarium making three hour workshop. During the workshop the participants learnt about basics of terrarium making using mosses, algae, few nursery plants, roadside stones and a dried drift wood. The workshop was conducted by our enthusiast expert Mr. Madhusudan Shukla, This was done through hands on demonstrations. Glass container carried along with participants.


12 November 2017: Nature Walk at River front Casa Rio Gold, Palava City, Dombivali

 We kick off our six month long engagement of conducting fortnightly walks for residents of Palava City. We are happy to be part of the Go Green initiative by Lodha Group. Today being the first walk, the residents are yet to warm up to the idea of nature walk so people turned up in small numbers but they were enthusiastic lot. The walk began at 8.30 am and ended by 10.30am, walk was led by Dr. Shubhalaxmi. The walk was conducted along the river side promenade created for morning walk which had a combination of ornamental as well as native vegetation.  


Budding Birder’s Walk in Bangalore, 12th November 2017

 we celebrated Dr. Salim Ali's Birthday by conducting a birdwatching programme at Thurahalli Forest Tree Park. The free walk which is supported by Karnataka Forest Dept received participant from 70 participants. The group was led by Madhusudhan Shukla and Subramanyan Ramanathan. They were assisted by Rajlaxmi. The highlight of the two hour walk is Copper Smith barbet, Ashy Drango, Bronzed Drango, Chestnut headed Bee eater, Ashy prinia, Black headed cuckoo etc.  


12 November 2017: Bird Watching at Talawe, Navi Mumbai

 We conducted “Bird Walk” at Talawe, in memory of Dr. Salim Ali. The walk was attended by 43 enthusiastic bird watchers. The group was guided by Kevin Paul who is not just a good birder but is an excellent orator. We spotted around 28 different species of the birds like Painted stork, River Terns, Reef Egret. Red Vented Bulbul, Ashi Prinia, House crows, Warblers, Black Headed Munia, Cormorant etc.