Nature Education

Nature Walks for schools/colleges

Nature trails are best ways to remain outdoors amidst nature and get distressed. Nature study infacts promote wellbeing among its learners. We conduct  nature walks for schools and colleges where we explore wild spaces within the city.  

Duration: 2 hours

Topics: Butterflies, Birds, Mangroves, Marine Life, Ecology, Trees, Wildflowers, Insects, Plant & animal classification, Wetlands and so on.


  • Mumbai: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Maharashtra Nature Park, Bhandup Pumping Station, Girgaum Chowpatty, Jijamata Udyan, B.P.T Garden, Sion Fort, Sewri Mudflats.
  • Navi Mumbai: Free Driving Range, Kharghar Hills, Valley Park, Artiste Village, Devi Saddle, Sagar Upvan, Airoli Mangroves, CBD Mangroves, Talave Wetlands, Vashi Mini Seashore, Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • Thane: Yewoor Hills, Ovalekar Butterfly Park.

Programme Fee for group bookings:

Minimum group size: 25

For children (5-12 years) : 150/- each,
For Adults: Rs. 250/- each

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Workshops for Families

  •  Kitchen Gardening: This is a half day workshop which could be conducted indoors/outdoors. It includes a powerpoint presentation, hands on experience on composting, potting and making of a planter.  Fee: Rs. 850/- per head (all inclusive).
  • Making Bird Homes & Feeders:  This is a half day workshop where we provide hands on sessions  on making  nest boxes  and feeders  for house  sparrows, Parakeets and Myanas.  We recycle  waste items to build these structures  which could be then installed  in your gardens. Fee: Rs. 650/- per head (all inclusive).
  • Nature Photography:  This is a full-day workshop with indoor and outdoor sessions. During the workshop, experts will guide the participants about the basics of nature photography. Topics include, outdoor and indoor photography, camera care, photo-editing and ethics of wildlife photography. Fee: Rs. 750/- per head.
  • Terrarium Making:  Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance gardens, and can last almost indefinitely with minimal water. This is a half-day workshop  where participants will learn to establish their own terrariums and take it back home. Fee: Rs. 750/- per head (all inclusive).

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Green Birthdays

Celebrating birthdays of your near ones and dear ones in an eco-friendly way could be most coolest thing to do. Imagine the venue of birthday party is a forest where your guest enjoy nature on a nature trail, the friends of birthday boy/child are busy on a treasure hunt and at the same time they learnt to study the tell-tale signs of wild by observing the animal tracks on the forest floor. While you may not be a ble to cut a cake in the wild but you can certainly give a return gift to all guests which could be a butterfly attracting plant sapling and the icing on the cake would be a group selfie in the wild.

Sounds like dream...well this could be real too.

Duration: 4 hours

Themes: Bugs, Butterflies, Birds, Trees, Dinosaurs,  Sharks, Starfish and so on.

Location: Greater Mumbai and Bengaluru

Minimum Groupsize: 15 

Fee: Rs. 650/- per person (all inclusive)

Nature Camps

Day camps are the best way for children to explore, enquire about & enjoy nature.  They provide a great hands-on learning experience for them & facilitates discovery of their ecological connections to the world around them. Our camps encourage  children's natural curiosity of nature by engaging them in fun and educational activities both outdoor & indoor. 

  • Summer/Winter/Monsoon Camp: The camp will include a combination of indoor activities & trails to educate children about the flora & fauna of the region according to the season.
  • Bird, Butterfly, Marine  Camp: Based on the theme: bird/ butterfly or marine, our camp will include a combination of indoor activities: quiz session, lecture & outdoor activities like trails, field technique demonstration to enhance the student’s knowledge about the topic.

Duration: 8 Hours
Fees: Rs. 1000/- Per head (including travel, food and certificates) 

Training Programmes

  1. Naturalist Training Programme: The program is aimed at creating urban naturalists for nature education activities. We could provide necessary skills and knowledge required in becoming a naturalist. 

Duration: Two weekends

Training Topics: Natural History, Communicating Science,Environment Education, Education Management.

Fee: Rs. 5000/- per person (includes three month apprenticeship).

2. Lepidoptera Training Programme:  We this unique training where the  participants are engaged in field studies throughout the duration. The approach used is participatory where the group learning and sharing is promoted. 

Venue: Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra

Duration: Four days

Faculty: Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar who are known for their indepth study of the subject. 


Introduction to butterflies and moths, Field identification tips,Methods for study of butterflies and moths, Butterfly and Moth photography, Research topics on butterflies and moths. 

Fee: Rs. 7500/- per head ( all inclusive)

Environmental Audit

The aim of this initiative is to make Navi Mumbaikars sensitive to their immediate surroundings so that they improve and protect their environment and lead healthy life.

The main focus areas of the audit will be:
1. Waste Management
2. Energy Management
3. Water Management
4. Green Cover
5. Urban Biodiversity
6. Environmental Awareness

The audit will also include environmental improvement tips such as development of a compost pit, establishment of butterfly/medicinal gardens/ installation of solar or rainwater harvesting systems, plantations of bird attracting trees, creating environmental awareness among the residents, inventory of urban biodiversity.