January 2020


4 Jan 2020: Tree Walk at Central Park, Kharghar

 This was our first event on Central Park. Though we 25 sign ups but only small group actually dared to join us on a chilly Sunday morning. The place surprised us with myriad native and exotic trees that were planted along the pathway. Based on plantation we could assign a particular pathway to a tree e.g. Sita Ashok Lane, Peepal Lane, Tabebua Lane, Copperpod Lane, Laburnum Lane and Wild Almond Lane. The other trees who were the remanent of original forests included; Red Silk Cotton, Mahuva, Soccer Ball, Asan, Palymra, Charcoal tree, Banyan, iron tree and so on. The other highlights included hibernating stink bugs, harvester ants busy dehusking. Caterpillar of plain tiger and humming bird hawkmoth and green lacewing. There were good number of birds too such a Yellow wagtails, Black Drongo, Red Wattled lapwing, Shikha, Cattle Egret. Pond Heron and large congregation of cormorants near the water body. Overall it was well spent Sunday in nature’s lap. 


14 Jan 2020: Free Marine Walk at for Xaviers College students

 iNaturewatch conducted a free marine walk for 31 students of Xaviers college on 14 Jan 2020 from 7 am to 9 am. The group sighted species of crab - Metopograpsus sp, Portunus sp, Egg mass of Nerita sp., Ceratium sp., Amphipods, Sponges and sea anemone. Ghost fishing was found and live berried crabs found in the netting. There was an unplanned mangrove cleanup taken up by the students which indicated awareness in the current generation. 


15th Jan 2010: Marine Walk at Chimbai Beach

 On 15th Jan 2020 Marine walk was conducted by Sathish Chennuri and Chanakya at Chimbai beach(Bandra). Somaiya college students accompanied by their professors attended the marine walk, we could observe lot of rocky shore inhabitant flora and fauna i.e pistol shrimp, rock crabs, mollusc shells, hermit crab, sponges, sea anemone and decorator worm etc. Today we also have observed lot of abandoned fishing net (ghost net) in the intertidal region which may trap lot of organisms unnecessarily. The students also spotted the gutters releasing into the ocean and marine debris. 


29 Jan 2020: Free Marine Walk for Rizvi College Students

 iNaturewatch in collaboration with United Way Mumbai conducted a Marine shore walk from 7:30 to 9: 30, for Rizvi college students and professors at Chimbai Beach, Bandra, The walk was conducted by our marine biologist Mr. Satish. We came across different varieties of marine organisms like a dead sea snake, different gastropods, bivalves, crab species, sea anemone, Gobi fish, amphipods, barnacles, decorator worms, sponges and mangroves. The walk aimed at creating awareness about the huge marine biodiversity that the rocky beach is a home to.