Corporate Walks & Treks

These are seasonal walks & treks are specially designed for corporate employees. These are full day treks that includes interesting forest activities which will help participants to learn about forests, build better team spirit and enjoy the adventure.      

Currently offering in seven cities

Ahmedabad | Bangalaore | Chennai |Gurgaon |  

       Hyderabad | Kolkatta | Mumbai | Pune


Nature Walks

Ahmedabad, Polo Forest


 The Polo Forest area was a part of a vast territory and Vijaynagar was the capital 600 years back. The ancient city was a pilgrimage for the Jains and Shivadharmi people of the area. Polo forest is a beautiful forest area spread across 400 square km, located near Abhapur village in Vijay Nagar taluka of Gujarat.  The jungle has 4 sculptured gates made of local sedimentary rocks in each direction. The forests are rich with many wild species like Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians, Spiders, Plants etc. for example Leopards, Bears, Spiders, Pythons, are found in Polo forest. Polo forest holds more than 600 species plants which also includes many rare and endangered species. The area is declared as sanctuary and being maintained by the Dholwani range forest department. 

Gurgaon, Okhla Bird Sanctuary


 Far from the humdrum existence and chaotic fast-paced life of Metropolis, Okhla Bird Sanctuary offers respite and provides solace to the residents of the capital city of Delhi along with those of Uttar Pradesh. Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a favourite among birdwatchers. This Sanctuary is situated right on the Yamuna river between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. A haven for water birds, the Sanctuary spreads over an area of four square km on the Yamuna. It is home to more than 320 bird species and beautiful plants. Silence and inquisitiveness work as an advantage for the curious birdwatcher. The sanctuary has received about 10,000 migratory birds so far, including 40 species of aquatic migratory birds and six species of terrestrial birds. There are also about 50 species of 1,000 resident birds at the sanctuary 

Kolkatta,Chintamani Sanctuary


Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary is popularly known as   protected area repeated for its extensive variety of birds, butterflies,   epiphytes, ferns and orchids. It is located very close to the metropolis   Kolkata. This small sanctuary spread over 17 acres is a kin drive   to the south of Kolkata. Its native name was 'Kayaler Bagan'. Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary is a protected   area famed for its wide variety of birds, butterflies, epiphytes, ferns and   orchids. 

The trek to the top   is relatively easy too. There is no fixed path for the trek, you just need to   walk. During   the monsoons it’s the best time to visit this place is in monsoon. 

Nature Treks

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