Corporate Employee Voluntering Programmes


We have been conducting various events for corporate employees as a part of their Employee Volunteering Programmes in cities all across India. 

The employees have volunteered for a variety of events such as Lake Clean up, Organic Urban Farming, Plantation for Butterflies, Nature tail Restoration and Employee Engagement Events such a Nature Trails, Nature Treks 

Past Events

27 July: Moonson Trek to Visapur Fort


   47 emplooyees had participated inspite of the heavy rains in Mumbai. It was a very amazing experience for each one to make it to the top of the fort.  The trek started from the base village Malavli to the top of the one of the twin fort Visapur. The participants made it through the fort and were overjoyed.  

14 Sep 2019: Corporate Trail at Karnala Bird Sanctuary


    A group of 40 employees travelled the hidden nature trail at the foothills of Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The beauty of this trail was that it is a tribal route and the group enjoyed the hospitality of tribal homestay on a machan and food served in traditional manner.     

21 September 2019: Habitat Restoration at Urban Haat, Belapur



This was a mega event organised for KPMG as part of their Employee Volunteering Programme. A group of 78 volunteers of KPMG and 60 school students from Taloja.

Various nature restoration activities like de-weeding and and doing mulching around the plants, making 400 plant clipping of Wedelia a butterfly attracting plant and planting them in the trail pathway, carried out trail development activities, made bee and birds homes using recycled pet bottles and oil cans and got them installed on the trees made bug hotels with nature trail.

12 October 2019: Kharghar Valley Restoration


    KPMG employees participated in the restoration works of Kharghar hills along with a nature trail.  Post trail the participants were divided into two groups where they worked on the nature trail development by digging and lining of the stones and the other team worked on making the pond barrier    

19 October 2019: Cleanup Drive at Badhkal Lakei in Haryana


   18 employees of Oracle volunteered in cleanup of the Badhkal Lake in Haryana. The programme started with a nature trail and learned about the lake, its fertility and the importance of plantation around the lake which further increases the biodiversity of the place.   

19 October 2019: Plantation For Butterflies in Bangalore


  It was a challenge to set up a butterfly garden at Govt. Urdu Primary School, Yelagundapalya, Bengaluru. But for the enthusiastic Head Master and the excellent team work of Magic Bus, the butterflies wouldn't have inaugurated the garden no sooner we watered the last plant. Most part of the school was under renovation. After a thorough planning, things started off with full steam. The young and old, cleaned up the litter, cleared the debris, dug up the soil loose and planted flowering shrubs and herbs.