Eco-days July: 1-7 Van Mahotsav Week, 26 International Day for Mangroves

Short Term Research Projects


Study of Termite Mounds, Bangalore

Aim: To study termite diversity inside Jarakbande Kaval Tree Park 

1. Mapping of termite mounds in test and control sites
2. Collecting specification data for termite mounds
3. Identifying plant communities around the mounds
4. Collecting climatic data
5. Photodocumentation

Duration: June- August 2019)

Team Members: Two minimum

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Study of Monsoon Flora, Navi Mumbai

Aim: To document monsoon flora diversity of  Kharghar Valley Trail


1. To conduct vegetation mapping once a week

2. To collect GPS coordinates of floral patches

3. To feed and collate data

4. To take photographs

Duration: June- August 2019

Team Members: Two minimum

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