Butterfly Habitats For Rural Schools

As part of CSR initiative of DCB Bank, we have created an open air butterfly habitat  for special children of Divya Vidyalay, Jawhar and another one at the Yusuf Meherally Centre, Tara for their students and other visitors. This project is being implemented by the Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP. Around 1000 butterfly attracting plants  were planted at Yusuf Meherally Center, and  3000 plants were planted in the Jawhar School campus to create an open butterfly habitat where the butterfly life histories could be witnessed by the students. We will be conducting periodic plantation and butterfly population assessment along with butterfly awareness programmes for the students. The DCB staff will also be engaged in volunteering for the plantation, and habitat maintenance works throughout the project.


 The butterfly habitat will act as open-air butterfly garden for the students' and will improve the environment around.  This butterfly garden will help in reducing temperatures during summer. The butterfly habitat will boost students' interests in environment as they get an opportunity to observe butterfly life histories in their school premises. 

Divya Vidyalay, Jawhar


 The Divya Vidyalay, Jawhar is the only residential school for the blind and special children in Thane District founded by Smt. Pramila Tai Kokad under the Shree Gurudev Sanstha. This residential school for the blind and special children was a ray of hope for  those parents living in the rural adivasi region of Palghar District. Here vacant spaces  will be converted into butterfly habitats. Using ecosystem approach, wherein a green zone is created to support local biodiversity by improving green cover to  support pollinators such as birds, bees and butterflies, and enhancing the general ambience of the school campus. 

Yusuf Meherali Centre, Tara


The Yusuf Meherali Centre, Tara is a development NGO working with local communities. They run a school for tribal students within their premises. In one of the vacant spaces, we have established 

a butterfly garden. Plantation at the site is complete. Butterfly population assessment is being done. Butterfly awareness programmes  will be conducted from time to time.