Online Course on Bugs for Beginners



Learn about Insects in just 6 Weeks!


You may be a PHOTOGRAPHER who has been clicking innumerable insect photographs and struggling to identify them. You might be a TEACHER who wishes to take their students on a nature trail, yet when it comes to insects you are clueless what you are looking at or you might a STUDENT who wishes to take student project on insects but do not know where you start or you might be an ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATOR who need to keep a pulse on all natural history happening, yet insects continue to challenge you. In all possibilities our online course could help you to overcome these challenges. JOIN India's first crash course on Insects that is being offered through a virtual class. A blended course with field visits and online assignments.


By end of the course you will learn following:

1. Where to look for insects

2. How to locate them when they are in their element

3. How to identify insects (including juveniles)

4. What type of insect study resources is available

5. Who of Who of the Insect Sector

6. How to teach about insects


Course Duration:  Six Weeks 

Topics: Six   Modules: 21   Time: 1 hr each module

Insects Around Us | Insect Groups | Insect Adaptation | Insect Homes| Insect Family Life| Insect Study

Study Resources: Six chapters, Three video lectures

Assignments:  Insect Project work (outdoor activities will be conducted post lockdown), 6 Online Assignment, 3 DIY Projects, 6 Quizzes, 6 Live videoconferencing sessions 

Course Fee: Rs 3000/-  (Corona Special Discount) 

Course Faculty: Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Mr. Isaac Kehimkar & Ms. Priti Choghale

Easy Payment Options are Available. Please contact for details

Cancellation policy: Participants can cancel their registration anytime a day before the course start date. Thereafter the fees will be non-refundable. However it is transferable as well as carried forward for next batch, if the change is suggested within first week of the course.

For queries: Call 9987013144 or email at info@inaturewatch.org