5th May 2019: Seed Collection drive at Kharghar Valley

As a pert of the ecological restoration of Kahrghar Valley initiative, a seed collection drive was conducted at Kharghar valley on 5th May 2019. 4 enthusiastic volunteers were a part of this drive which was led by Dr. v. Shubhalaxmi and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar.  Along the 700 m trail  dry fruits of 12 species, mainly of herbs, shrubs and trees was collected. The next step will be remove seeds from the fruits and prepare seed balls and then plant them in a sapling bag. 


Earth Day Celebrations 28th April 2019, Nizampet lake, Hyderabad

A clean up drive involving the cleaning up of debris from the dry NIzampet Lake bed in Hyderabad was conducted for a group of 27 employee volunteers from Oracle Hyderabad. Before the clean up  a nature trail was conducted around the dry lake where we had planted over 5000 butterfly, bird, bee and bat attracting plants. They collected 40 bags which will be disposed with the local municipal corporation. Later the group also helped in adding soil and manure to the existing plants. 


Earth Day Celebrations 27th April 2019: Chittalapakkam Lake, Chennai

Clean up drive was conducted at Chittlapakkam lake, Chennai for 21 employee volunteers from Oracle and local community members . A brief introduction about the Chittalapakkam Lake and its importance and current issues in the water body was given before the clean up. A bird watching session was also conducted. In total  35 bags ( 21 of non-biodegradable & 14 recyclable) of waste was collected. The collected waste sent for disposal at local municipal corporation centre. The event was organized with help of our local partner Indo-American Wildlife Society which is headed by Dr. Chelliah. At the end of the event, everybody enjoyed a healthy brunch in an ecofriendly way. 


Earth day Celebration 20th June:Clean up at Kharghar Valley

30 enthusiastic employees from Oracle celebrated Earthday Day by cleaning up Kharghar hills and Kharghar driving range road. The programme started with a nature trail celebrating the theme of Earthday- Protect the species. Thereafter the teams go into dirtying their hands in collecting segregated waste.Altogether they collected 147.7 kg(108 mixed waste, 5.7 kg. plastic, 23 The waste was disposed in nearby public garbage dustbin. The segregated waste were given to ragpicker. The event concluded with a sumptuous lunch served in eco friendly plates. Indeed a satisfying sunny day that was well spent. 


Earthday Celebrations 13 April 2019: Pashan Lake Clean up in Pune

A group of 25 volunteers from Oracle-Pune gathered at Pashan Lake for a clean up drive. The group was led by Mr. Arvind Patole. They met at 8 am and after brief introduction, a nature trail along the northern side of the lake was conducted. The volunteers learnt about water birds, their behaviour and so on. The team felt that the walk through the thick canopy completely refreshed them and that nature trails just like music releases all the tension of the hectic day to day work schedule. After returning from the trail we freshen up and then started the cleaning event.The team was very excited and this excitement remained throughout the event, They enjoyed the event and had smile on their face when cleaning the area of plastics and other wastes. The segregated waste was collected by municipal corporation. 


Earth day Celebrations13 April 2019 :Clean up in Bannerghata National Park

A group 30 enthusiastic volunteers from Oracle-Bangalore teamed up with Bangalore Forest Dept. to clean up the trash accumulated due to religious celebrations of Ramnavi inside the Bannerghata National Park. It was a hot sunny day which didn't the spirit young volunteers who believed in doing something good for the forest and its wildlife. The team's spirit to clean up the mess, pilgrims and picnickers, left behind was taken up as a challenge. It started with a nature walk. The walk sensitized the participants about the scrub forest biodiversity. It was followed by the cleaning up of the litter in the three kilometer stretch. Plastics and liquor bottles were abundant. It was an opportunity for the participants to understand the challenges of conservation.