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Workshop on Kitchen Gardening, Medicinal Plants and Butterfly Garden

  Kitchen Gardening:

There is no greater pleasure than growing your own food and having it too. We offer kitchen gardening workshops inside school/office/residential society premises wherein participants could either set up a kitchen garden inside the offices or at their homes. Our sessions includes tips on establishing a kitchen garden, Calendar of vegetables & fruits, Demonstration on manure Preparation, Demonstration on usage of garden tools, Hands-on with making of sapling pot, Tips on taking care of plants and Calculate your Foodprint. In collaboration with Ladybird Environmental Consulting we could conduct kitchen gardening workshop at ZERO cost for you. Mail us your location and no. of participants details at Email us and we will get back to you. Check out our previous workshops here and contact us if you wish to plan one.and contact us if you wish to plan one.

   img  Gardening  for Wildlife:


This is new concept  wherein  we are promoting  wildlife  spaces within existing gardens or on to create one. We provide  tips on how to attract butterflies,  bees and birds to your gardens. These topmost pollinators of our agricultural crops, by providing space for them  we are strengthening  our food  security.  If this  subject  interests  you join our  Facebook Group on Gardening for Wildlife. Call us for a session.

list Making Nest Boxes and Feeders:
As an extension of our module-gardening  for wildlife, we offer hands on sessions  on making  nest boxes  and feeders  for house  sparrows.  We recycle  waste items to build these structures  which could be then installed  in your gardens. Providing  such spaces for wildlife is going one step further in enhancing urban habitats. These sessions could be
held at your office premises. Contact us if you are planning a session with us.

img  Medicinal plants:


The medicines that we see today, including the heavy antibiotics and the over- the-counter  syrups, never existed a few decades ago. People have cured illnesses using home remedies for ages. Unfortunately, we lack the knowledge of medicinal plant now and are skeptic about using them for minor ailments like cold or cough. Having medicinal plants in your garden/back yard or even the small potted plants in our window can change this. Mail us your location and no. of participant’s details at Email usnd we will get back to you.

We  conduct  workshops  on  Medicinal  Plants  to  impart  this  ground  knowledge  about  their medicinal  uses,  growth  requirements,  and maintenance.  We could  conduct  this workshop  at ZERO cost for you in collaboration with Ladybird Environmental Consulting.

img  Butterfly Garden:


Butterflies are gifted to bring color and life in every place they flutter & evoke awe in anyone who watches them. But inviting butterflies to your garden is quite a task. It’s an exhaustive list to memorize with host plants, nectar plants, mud puddling spaces and lot more. In our workshops  we advise  you with all these aspects  and  help you establish  your butterfly garden. We could conduct this workshop  at ZERO cost for you in collaboration  with Ladybird Environmental Consulting. Mail us your location and no. of participant’s details at Email us and we will get back to you

listAquarium  Fish Keeping: It has been proven  having a pet at home develops  better  emotional intelligence  among children  and provides a distressing  activity for adults. Owing to our hectic lifestyles and small homes, many are unable to do have a pets at their place. However keeping a small fish aquarium could provide same benefits as having cats and dogs. We provide hands-on training on establishing an aquarium with inputs on species of fishes to be used and how to take care of the same. These sessions could be held at your school/office premises.  
Contact us if you
wish to book a session with us.


listEnvironmental Audit:


The aim of this initiative is to make Navi Mumbaikars sensitive to their immediate surroundings so that they improve and protect their environment and lead healthy life.

The main focus areas of the audit will be:
1. Waste Management
2. Energy Management
3. Water Management
4. Green Cover
5. Urban Biodiversity
6. Environmental Awareness

The audit will also include environmental improvement tips such as development of a compost pit, establishment of butterfly/medicinal gardens/ installation of solar or rainwater harvesting systems, plantations of bird attracting trees, creating environmental awareness among the residents, inventory of urban biodiversity.

Contact us if you wish to book a session with us.

Duration for all the above workshops:  3 Hours
Activity Fees: Rs.1000/- per head (excludes materials required for the participants)