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iTrees Mobile App

“This is what I had been looking for ever since I purchased my phone. It is a great effort put together by the Ladybird team. I cannot express my gratitude to you all for this marvelous app that is so people friendly and can be used by children. This has been a lasting contribution by the technological and scientific community to the raising of the collective consciousness of the general people and the posterior generation. I'm proud of you guys.” – Anuj Gupta

“Awesome I liked the whole concept of these app series. Excellent way of making garden natural history handy and interactive. May think of expanding the catalogue of species. How about an app on common herbs, mammals, snakes or beetles?” – Vibhav Srivastava

iButterflies Mobile App

“Great stuff. Finally an app for kids and all adults. This is what technology is meant to provide. Inaccessible and invaluable information.” – Anupama Sughosh

“Nice app. Very useful for students and teachers.” – SK Dil Mahammad

iNaturewatch Birds Mobile App

“An excellent effort done by this apps ,today's anadabazar daily gives me this news about this apps and its very nicely designed, specially the calls its gives a charming experience, I would like to say all school should encourage students about this fun and learn method of bird watching . I would like to be a part of this nice effort .” – Anirdam Chat

“Perfect! I was in search for an app like this. Perfectly placed everything in the app. Quality of the photos is good too and main thing is, you can listen to the calls of the birds. Kudos to the developer team.” – Rohan Barbade