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Ask a Scientist

So you have a query or want to know about the species, which is not included in the mobile app. You could submit your questions to our scientists and we'll post their answers below. You may also read our Frequently Asked Questions and discover what other people are asking about. You could Meet Our Scientists and learn how they became involved with nature study. Email your questions to: query@inaturewatch.org!

Meet our Scientists

Isaac Kehimkar: A lepidopterist who has been pursuing butterflies through his camera for past 25 years. His pursuance gave India its first modern Field Guide to Indian Butterflies. He works for Bombay Natural History Society as General Manager (Programmes) and has been associated for 35 years. He is known for his excellent wildlife photography and immense knowledge about natural history. His other publications include Common Wildflowers and Moths. He started his passion for wildlife with reptiles and then got involved with several other subjects and finally settling with butterflies. He is aptly known as "Living Natural History Encyclopedia" and "Butterfly Man".

Whatsapp Jungleguru

Jungle Guru is a Whatsapp group. The aim of the group is to become Ask Me of environment sector. With boom in digitization and social media, there in profound increase in people's interest in wildlife and environmental issues. Environment being a niche sector which requires an interpretation by experts, increasing people rely on experts on learning more about their environment. The idea of starting such a group evolved from the number of queries we experts receive from known and unknown people. This is free service to promote environmental literacy in the new digital India. Join by whatsapping at 9987013144