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Our First recognized Wildlife Habitat

We are happy to announce the successful recognition of first ‘Urban Wildlife Habitat' at Bangalore of Madhusudhan Shukla as Great Wildlife Habitat. Thanks to our experts Dr. Ramesh Krishnamoorthy and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar who certified this habitat.

The habitat was recognized as an ‘Great wildlife Habitat”. It is located precisely in South Bengaluru and is very close to Turahalli Reserve Forest. The garden is all around the houses. The total garden area is approximately 2400 sq feet. The vacant plots have wild and thick under growth of Lantana Camara, Parthenium, Castor and other shrubs. Pongamia pinnata is the main avenue tree in the area. Animals and insects are found in plenty are in plenty.

Here’s what the experts had to say about the habitat:

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Ecologist said, “At the outset, the site appears to provide interesting composition and configuration of the habitat for variety of species.”

Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, Naturalist said, “It is indeed a privilege to have such a house that is buzzing with wildlife.”