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Kitchen Gardening Workshop, 28th May 2017

This May, 19 participants from Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai participated in our half day Workshop on Kitchen Garden. During the workshop the participants learnt about composting, making planters for seedlings and potting a sapling. This was done through handson demonstrations. The progarmme ended with a quiz.

Marine Biodiversity Walk, 28th May 2017

We ventured into a entirely new field of science with our Marine Biodiversity walk to create awareness about Marine Biodiversity of Mumbai. We had Mr. Pradip Patade as an expert to guide 21 marine enthusiasts from all over Mumbai. The Girgaon beach amazed us at every step that we took with all the fascinating animals to which it is home. We sighted hermit crabs, sea anemones, shrimps, molluscs and corals. A huge thank you to Mr. Patade for leading the walk and all our participants for joining us.

Lovely Lilies Trail, 18th June 2017

Our Lily Trail received an immense response and 41 people were all set for the trail today morning at Kharghar Valley. The group split into two and was led Mr. Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. Ecopreneur Shubha. Although the spotlight was on lilies today we also had other wildlife flora and fauna showing up. Wildflowers of kantoli, purple night shade have just begun their life cycle Lastly the panoramic view of the Kharghar city was worth the climb!

Shorekeepers of Mumbai- April session

On 6th April, 2017, we were at the District Collector's Office, Thane to address an audience of Municipal corporations, Police and Revenue Dept of Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan. It was overwhelming to know that our Mangrove awareness session was made a part of the Collector office’s Mangrove Protection and Conservation workshop.

Shorekeepers of Mumbai- March sessions

We conducted a mangrove awareness session for the Urban Biodiversity Conservation Group (UBCG) this month at Saraswati Trust School, Thane. It was mixed group of 29 people including students, citizens and nature enthusiasts. It was a very interactive group and they actively discussed the threats to existing Mangrove forest of Thane and Mumbai. They expressed gratitude by gifting us a sapling.

Past Events

Dr. Shubhalaxmi delivered a session on Mobile Apps for documentation of Urban Biodiversity at Pillai's Institue of Information Technolgy (PIIT), New Panvel

Shorekeepers of Mumbai - February Sessions

In the month of February we have conducted 5 sessions at colleges, schools and a corporate reaching out to around 234 students and citizens.  The session at Vidyalankar college was conducted by Mr. Rishi Agarwal for students of  MMS while other sessions were conducted by Ms.Pradnya Bandekar and Ms. Wilma D’cunha

Rendezvous with Flamingos: Watch and Learn about Flamingos on 29th January

To witness the yearly phenomenon of flamingos flocking into Mumbai’s creeks and mudflats we organized a flamingo watching event for everyone and received on overwhelming response for it with 72 bird enthusiast turning up to catch a glimpse of the pink beauties! Dr.Ketaki Marthak kept everyone intrigued with her facts and stories about the flamingos and other waders. We had also set up a birdscope which gave everyone a closer look at birds like Eurasian curlew, White-throated kingfisher, Pond heron, egrets, black and brown headed gulls, Black headed ibis and of course the greater and lesser flamingos!

Shorekeepers of Mumbai

In our mangrove awareness program, under the Mission Mangroves initiative of United Way of Mumbai, we have conducted 19 sessions reaching out to more than 400 students and citizens. Recently we conducted a session for a community group in Ragunath Vihar CHS. Kharghar and various in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Bird watching at Kharghar hills, 4 December, 2016

We had 19 birdwatchers joining us for the walk guided Mr. Julius Rego at Kharghar Hills. They were able to sight birds like Ashy prinia, Green leaf wabler, Red wiskerd bulbul, Red vented bulbul, Purple rumped sunbird , Common iora , Barbet , Tailor bird, Asian Palm swift, Martin , Drongo, Shrike & a Scaly Breasted Munia in its nest.

Be a Bird Scientist Program, 13 November, 2016

In memory of Dr. Salim Ali, today's Sunday morning was dedicated to bird-watching. We conducted the Be a Bird Scientist program at Talawe wetlands in Nerul, which was attended by 25 enthusiastic bird watchers. The group was guided by Dr. Ketki Marthak & we spotted around 26 species of birds like the Painted stork , Moorhen, Green Bee eater etc. 

Bird Camp for Young Birders, 12 November, 2016

We conducted our first bird camp of the season titled ‘Bird camp for Young birders’ as a tribute to Dr. Salim Ali. It was attended by a small group of inquisitive children, who vow to become birders. We spanned three bird habitats throughout the day including a forest, urban garden & grassland, where our expert Priti Choghale taught the children basics of bird-watching giving clues to identify a bird like the size, color, beak, feet type, habitat etc. In the indoor activity time, the children learned further about the birds through various activities like Beak & Feet, Bird origami & an AV show. The children were very enthusiastic throughout the day & tried to identify every bird that we could set our eyes on. The total count of species we saw during the day was more than 50 of which 20 were birds & others were plant & insect species they feed or live on. The highlights of the day were sighting of the Paradise flycatcher, Shikra, Common Kestrel & White-throated Kingfisher.

Butterfly Watch At Green Valley Park, Belapur CBD on 23rd October, 2016

On the bright Sunday morning of 23rd October 2016, we were joined by 13 participants who came from Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. We sighted 18 butterfly species and witnessed the entire life stages of Yellow Orange Tip Butterfly. Participants learned about butterfly identification as well as how to carry out butterfly population studies.  The walk was led by none other than Butterfly Man- Isaac Kehimkar whose second book on Indian Butterflies is scheduled to be launched next month. Watch him explain the difference between male & female crabs below.

Feedback from participants:
“Great initiative! Attended a butterfly spotting event, Shubha beautifully unveiled the world of butterflies and insects for us”, says Poonam Kakodkar, who participated in the walk. You can read her complete blog here

Insect Pilgrimage to Bheemashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

Our first camp under Insect Tourism was held between 28-30 October 2016 at Bheemashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. During the camp various trails of the sanctuary were explored and we sighted 30 species of insects. On setting up the light sheet we recorded around to 35 species of moths. We also demonstrated field activities such as pond dipping, quadrant study, beating of branch and baiting.

Feedback from participants:

    • “I had a lot of misconceptions about moths. After attending the camp I am confident that you have cleared my doubts”, says T.R Janardanan
    • “I enjoyed all the trails conducting in the camp  the most!”, said Sheeba Swaminathan

    Karvi Flowers Trail to Nagla block on 18th September, 2016

    The blooming of Common Conehead or Karvi (Carvia callosa) flowers was the trendiest natural phenomenon of this year for all naturalists and nature enthusiasts. To witness this spectacle we conducted Karvi flower trail on 18th September to Nagla block, a relatively unexplored forest patch of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

    It was enchanting to walk through the tall shrubs of Karvi's purple blossoms & pink buds, festooned within the green. It seemed like the insect world could not resist their enchantment too as we spotted en number of butterflies, caterpillars and several other bug species. Blue oakleaf butterfly, Angled Pierrot Leea Hawkmoth caterpillar, Field cricket, Juvenile plant big, Long horned beetle, Triangle Moth, Male giraffe weevil are just few names among them.

    Insect watch at Valley Park, CBD Belapur on 21st August 2016

    We conducted an Insect watching trail on 21st August to Valley Park of Belapur. Beginning with locating Valley Park for the very first time and proceeding to locate six-legged creatures under leaves, rocks, dark crevices and ponds ‘Insect watch at Valley park, CBD Belapur’ was truly an amateur entomologist’s expedition.
    The group of these 18 insect lovers was led by an expert entomologist Dr. Shubhalaxmi, who could weave a story and tell enchanting facts anecdotes about any insect that was spotted. Buzzing Carpenter bees, suspended Bag worm, gaudy Jewel bug, restless Water skipper, noisy Crickets, moulting Cicadas, fluttering Orange tip butterfly, Hopper bug, egg-laying Blue tiger, caterpillars hanging for their life to silk and our personal favourite the dancing Daddy Long Legs each was had an intriguing character to play.

    31 July 2016: Monsoon Flora Walk at Kharghar Valley

    Monsoon is an endearing event to be witnessed in nature. It is enchanting to see the mountains blanketed with fog, clear gurgling streams transforming into gushing milky white waterfalls & lush green landscapes carpeted with wildflowers in all colors and shapes.
    On a pouring monsoon Sunday of, our group of 10 participants set out for the Monsoon Flora walk at Kharghar Valley Golf course driving range. They explored the place with Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi and identified various species of wild plants including Commelina, Balsam, Giant Milkweed, Cleome, Lea, Apta and wild varieties of our daily vegetables like lady's finger, ginger, turmeric, banana and mint. We found wild yam, kantoli, cockscomb, pot cassia and a number of leafy vegetables which grow only in the wild and only during monsoon. We were also lucky to spot a few moths; caterpillars like the Plain tiger caterpillar, Wooly bear caterpillar, White underwing moth caterpillar and butterflies. Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi was also generous enough to teach insect handling.

    21-22, 24 April 2016: Earth Day Celebration

    This year we celebrated Earth Day through indoor as well as outdoor activities at three different locations.

    24 April 2016: Seed Collection Drive at Kharghar Hills

    A group of 10 Khargharites participated in our Earthday Walk led by Mr. Suraj Das. The group went on a tree walk among the kharghar hills wherein they collected seeds of wild species from the forest floor, these included Pongam and Red Silk Cotton seeds. The participants will plant these seeds into sapling bags and which will sprout once the monsoon comes. The saplings could be then planted in and around their housing society.

    20 March 2016: Sparrow Walk on 20th March (World Sparrow Day)

    A group of 20 members joined us for a 2 hour nature trail for the Celebration of the World Sparrow Day on 20 March 2016. The trail was full of birds, their stories, their association with the plants.

    Some of the birds sighted on flowers of Silk Cotton and Coral trees were red vented bulbuls, parakeets, coppersmith, flower peckers and white throated kingfisher. The group also explored the ant lion pits in the ground and listened to the heartbeat of a Ghost Tree. The trail ended with tips on attracting sparrows and their do's and dont's.

    19 – 21 February 2016: Participation in 10th Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Exhibition, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

    We had participated in the 10th Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Exhibition (19th – 21st February 2016) at Wonders Park, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. We had presented our concept on “Gardening for Wildlife” wherein we displayed various wildlife attracting plants for butterflies, birds and bees along with the common species of birds and butterflies found.

    We had around 400 visitors of all age groups from school children, college students, environmentalists, professionals, home makers to senior citizens. This exhibition proved to be a good platform to connect with like minded people and create awareness about the importance of creating habitat for wildlife.

    Last, but not the least we are very grateful to all the volunteers – Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Mrs. Kalpna Sharma, Mr. Arvind Patole, Mr. Raviraj, Mrs. Yamini Lanjekar, Mr. Shailesh Paudwal & Ms. Dimple Joisher. Their dedication and passion for wildlife helped us convey our message to our visitors.

    25 January 2016 : Butterfly Gardening @ Podar International School, Nerul

    We conducted a presentation on Butterfly Gardening at the Podar International School, Nerul, Navi-Mumbai on 25 January 2016. Hundred students attended the session and learned about the importance of butterflies their role in ecology and how to create a Buttery garden.

    The session covered topics like butterfly anatomy, life cycle, record holders, basics of gardening, site selection, plant selection, important tips for butterfly gardening, garden care etc.. The session was conducted by Ms. Priti Choghale, Projects Manager, LEC.

    24 January 2016 : Trees for Birds Walk @ CBD Valley Park

    We were joined by 8 participants on 24 January 2016 for the Trees for Birds Walk @ CBD Valley Park. We explored the new trail started by CIDCO. It's a beautiful trail passing through the thickets of old trees such as Gulmohur, Camel foot, Asan, Grewia, Glyricidia, Ghost tree, Warus, Red Silk Cotton and so on. It opens up into a panoramic plateau which is excellent birding site. We saw drongo, bulbuls, beeeaters, robins, koels, doves and so on. Several birds were feeding on fruiting trees of Gewia and Asan.

    16 January 2016 : Grant Writing Programme @ K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce

    We conducted a Grant Writing programme at K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce on 16 January 2016. One hundred and thirty students attended the programme and got benefited from it.

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