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Naturalists Training Programme

The program is aimed at creating urban naturalists for nature education activities. If you are a nature lover and spent substantial years in participating nature walks and camps and now wish to change the side, from being a student to becoming a nature guide, we could help you in this transformation. A science background is not needed all you need is passion for teaching. We could provide necessary skills and knowledge required in becoming a naturalist.

The programme is open-for-all and is majorly activity-oriented.

Training Topics:
1. Natural History
2. Communicating Science
3. Environment Education
4. Education Management

1. Nature trails
2. AV Shows
3. Interactive indoor/outdoor activities
4. Field Work
5. Brainstorming
6. Demonstrations

Top Ten Lessons To Learn
1. How to conduct nature trails and camps
2. How to deliver scientific talks
3. How manage groups
4. How to develop educational materials
5. How to conduct indoor activities
6. How to design programmes
7. How to learn natural history
8. How to write programme proposals
9. How to raise funds for the events
10. Everything about event management

How Does It Works?

The module is divided into two sections; Course Work and Apprenticeship. The workshop will cover the coursework whereas a 3-month unpaid flexible Apprenticeship starts after successful completion of the course work. On successful completion of apprenticeship, participants will
be offered honorarium for programmes they handle independently.

A certificate will be issued on successful completion of the entire programme. Interested individuals may book a seat for them

Programme Fee: Rs. 5000/- per person
(Mail us a copy the receipt of bank transfer or you could simply send us your cheque payment by slow mail.)