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Insect Explorer’s Guide

Goal: To provide insect education through hands on activities in the field

Objectives: The objectives are based on 5Es
• To impart knowledge on insect and its relatives through easy to understand literature (Engage).
• To infuse interest about insects among the students through hands on field activities (Explore).
• To sensitize students towards importance of insects through games (Extend).
• To encourage students to learn about insects around them by maintaining an Insect Diary (Explain).
• To appreciate the diversity among insects by learning to identify them (Evaluate).

Age Group: 3rd grade onwards

Methods: Following activities could be used to study insect life. Details of each activity are provided here.
Beating the Bush
Setting Light Trap
Pond Dipping
Insect Baiting
Rearing a caterpillar
Insect Detective
Pit Fall Trap

Important Keys
Insect Identification Key
Aquatic life Identification Key

Important Books
• Smithsonian Handbooks on Insects, Butterflies and Moths
• National Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects and Spiders

Tips for Instructors:
• Get over your insect phobia if you have any
• Learn the trick of handling insects, a gentle touch and patience will be very useful
• Do not kill any insects in front of the students
• Keep a set of brain teasers handy to infuse the interest among students
• Prepare a small speech on why insects are important, what role they play and what will happen if insects become extinct
• Plan a myth buster about insects.
• Make students handle harmless insects to generate interest as well as to get rid of insect phobias
• Keep insect viewing jars handy
• For insect identification use www.bugguide.com

Happy Insect Studying