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As the cities are expanding and getting smarter, the natural spaces are shrinking and becoming fewer, we urban denizens could yet create spaces for wildlife to thrive into our small and big gardens. Interestingly metros and cities of India still host a wide range of wildlife that has mastered the art of living with us. Probably with some more help, we could retain the balance between our world and natural world.

We therefore designed first online course on Gardening for Wildlife. This is the first course in India on wildlife gardening. The aim of course is to provide ideas and tools on establishing gardens for wildlife. The course focused on bees, butterflies and birds.

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Course Structure:
Study Resources: 6 chapters with videos
Activities offered: Online assignments (6 ), Google Hangouts with Faculty (6), Field Visits (3), Project work (1), Hands on activities (3) and Final exam (1).
Audit/ Credit options are available for learners. In case you find completing the assignments difficult you may choose to audit the course and we will provide you the certificate for the same. Credit means you will get grades based on your assignments and same will reflect in your certificates

Course Duration:  3 months

Course Fees:  Rs.6500/- per head 

What are the Benefits?
* Learn about specific plants (indigenous/exotic/hybrid/wild) that attracts wildlife.
* Learn about wildlife that is adapted to city life & understand the importance of habitats
* Get equipped to deal with unwanted wildlife
* Develop handcraft skills in recycling household items
* Learn techniques of habitat monitoring and be a citizen scientist

Where this learning could be applied? 
One could create such habitats, in school backyard, college campuses, public parks, institutional and company premises.

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The course concluded this month and our course participant, successfully established a wildlife garden. The wildlife garden has installations like bird feeder and bee house and already has visitors like sunbirds, sparrows and butterflies visiting it. You can check out more photos of the garden here.


Here’s what our participants have to say about the course: