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Wildlife Expert Panelists

Dr. Asad R. Rahmani

Dr. Asad R. Rahmani is Former Director of Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). He joined BNHS in 1980 and worked as Principal Scientist in various projects. In 1991, he joined the Department of Wildlife Science, Aligarh Muslim University, where he worked for six years. In 1997, he re-joined BNHS as Director and retired in July 2015. He has written more than 170 peer-reviewed research papers in national and international journals, 19 books, and numerous popular articles and book reviews. His principal research interest has been conservation of Indian bustards, storks and cranes, and many other threatened species, as well as grassland habitats.

He was the Executive Editor of Journal of the BNHS, and Editor of Hornbill and Mistnet. He has been a Ph.D. guide to 10 students, and Principal Investigator of many prestigious projects of the BNHS, including the Important Bird Areas (IBA) Programme of BirdLife International, RSPB, and BNHS. He was also the recipient of Kirloskar Vasundhara Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. P A Azeez

Dr. PA Azeez, formerly the Director (Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History -SACON, Coimbatore) is currently attached with SACON as Senior Principal Scientist. Dr Azeez is a trained ecologist holding a PhD in environmental Sciences. He also holds an MBA in human Resources Management. He has more than 30 years of research experience. Dr Azeez serves as research supervisor guiding students for their doctoral and masters' programs. He has guided more than a dozen PhDs and several PG students. He also served as member / chair of several expert committees and university board of studies. His earlier works (1980-90s) were mainly on environmental toxicity of persistent chemicals. In later years, he has been attempting to address issues relating to environmental changes in relation to birds, biodiversity and ecosystems, such as climate change and urbanization. His major research / academic interest / expertise lies in Environmental Assessment and Management, Environmental pollution and its impacts on biological / ecological systems, Participatory conservation, Environmental security and sustainability, Development paradigm, Wetland Ecology, Ecosystem goods and services and biodiversity assessment.

Mr. Isaac Kehimkar

Isaac Kehimkar is a lepidopterist pursuing butterflies through his camera for past 25 years. His pursuance gave India its first modern Field Guide to Indian Butterflies. He works for Bombay Natural History Society as Deputy Director and has been associated for 35 years. He is known for his excellent wildlife photography and immense knowledge about natural history. His other publications include Common Wildflowers and Moths. He started his passion for wildlife with reptiles and then got involved with several other subjects and finally settling with butterflies. He is aptly known as 'Living Natural History Encyclopedia' and 'Butterfly Man'.

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy is a professional wildlife biologist with interests in landscape ecology and technological integration in wildlife research and management. He focuses on species recovery strategies for endangered species including tiger in India and other parts of Asia; anthropogenic and climatic drivers of landscape change and deployment of Aerial Systems (such as Drone) and Wireless Sensor Communication Networks for wildlife protection and conflict management. The Himalaya, Terai-Arc Landscape and Central Indian Highlands are some of the major ecological systems where he has carried out research and conservation efforts in the last two decades. He aims to contribute more closely in policy development and capacity building towards advancing conservation goals.

Dr. M Shah Hussain

Dr. M Shah Hussain is a Wildlife Ecologist and Scientist-In charge at Aravalli Biodiversity Park (University of Delhi) and Center for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystem (CEMDE). He completed his M.Sc. in Wildlife Science and Ph.D. on Pheasant community ecology in the Indian Himalayas. He has expertise in the conservation and restoration of degraded forest ecosystems and habitats of threatened species.