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Day Camps       


Day camps are the best way for children to explore, enquire about & enjoy nature.  They provide a great hands-on learning experience for them & facilitates discovery of their ecological connections to the world around them. Our camps encourage children's natural curiosity of nature by engaging them in fun and educational activities both outdoor & indoor. We offer:
Summer Camp/Winter Camp/Monsoon Camp: The camp will include a combination of indoor activities & trails to educate children about the flora & fauna of the region according to the season.

Bird Camp, Butterfly Camp and Tree Camp:  Based on the theme: bird/ butterfly or tree, our camp will include a combination of indoor activities: quiz session, lecture & outdoor activities like trails, field technique demonstration to enhance the student’s knowledge about the topic. Tree camps can be conducted throughout the year, while the Butterfly camps can be conducted in the months of September-October & Bird camps during the months November-February.
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Activity Duration: 8 Hours
Activity Fees: Rs. 1200/- Per head (including travel, food and certificates)
Contact us if you wish to know more and want to organize a camp for your group.