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Insects are the most abundant animals on earth. More than one million different types of insects have been identified. They live in just about every situation or habitat on earth. Insects have lived on earth for more than 300 million years. As you will see, insects are just about everywhere! If you take the time to observe them carefully, you will find them very interesting.

No matter where you live or what you do, you will be able to find insects. They can live in just about any situation or climate. Nearly everybody will have some type of problem with insects at some time in their life. Some insects eat our crops or food in storage; others can bite or sting us, our livestock, or our pets. A few insects spread diseases. Some eat our clothing and other household furnishings, and some even eat the wood in our homes. Certain insects are helpful to us by producing products we can use (for example, honey), by pollinating our crops, or by attacking pest insects. However, most insects have no importance to our well-being except that they are interesting creatures to observe.

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Course Details

Course Topics Include:

  • Insect World
  • Insect Groups
  • Insect Adaptation
  • Insect Homes
  • Insect Family Life
  • Insect Study

Course Duration :  3 months

Course Structure:

  • Study Resources: 6 chapters with videos
  • Activities offered:
    Online assignments (6 ), Google Hangouts with Faculty (6), Field Visits (3), Project work (1), Hands on activities (3) and Final exam (1).

Course Fee :  Rs.6500/- per head

We will announce the Course Date very soon.


We concluded our course- Bugs for Beginners in the last week of Decenber. We share the best project work presentation by our participant- Atita Taware. This is indeed an exhaustive work done in a span of 3 months. Watch the insect world through the lens of a budding entomologist.Here

Our beginners online courses on bugs kick started on 1st June and we had the first introductory chat with Mr. Isaac on 4th June, Sunday evening. Later in the month, a chat on butterflies was also conducted.

This month the participants visited a protected forest area for the field work assignment and chatted with Dr. V P. Uniyal and Dr. Francy Kakassery on role of pollinators and beetles respectively.

You can check out a clip from Dr. Francy's chat here


Here’s what our participants have to say about the course:

Because of this course, my point of view towards insects has changed. I approach them in a scientific way. It is surprising to know the diversity of insects in my neighborhood.
-Atita Taware, Thane

Excellent course to start with if you are keen about learning insects from scratch . How far you go with your interest is dependent on you, but this course gives you a solid foundation.
-Shashank Birla, Mumbai

This course is one of its kind with loads of knowledge about the insect life. Thank you inaturewatch team for such a wonderful course.
-Barun Raj, Kolkatta


I would recommend this course to adults both lay people and students interested in entomology as it lays a good foundation.
-Rama Ranee, Bangalore