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Did you know there are plants which never flower? There are plants which never grow leaves? Plants that are tenants? That the bark print of the tree is equivalent to the fingerprint of human beings and that you could hear a heartbeat of a tree  Many more such trivias about the plant world will get unfolded in our unique course-Botany for Beginners


In any given situation, you may be surrounded by minimum 5-10 species of plants, do you know your plants? Well, we could help in making that connection. The purpose of our course is to make people fall in love with plants and understand that even though they run and jump, they still have too much of character which misses a human eye.

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What’s unique about this course?

This is India’s first online course on Botany. It is purely meant for amateurs. It is 100% virtual course with real time field assignments. It is a self-taught course where learners will learn on their own and we will facilitate this learning process. It’s a flexible course will all assignments due during weekends. It is a well planned course where the learner could plan their personal calendar three months in advance! It is a graded course and offered on Moodle platform.

Who should enroll?

If plants fascinates you or you wish to get fascinated then this course is for you. You may a teacher, student, home maker, photographer or just any professional, our course is one for all, provided you all share common interest- plants. Besides each of you is expected to be equipped with Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills to deal with virtual engagements of the course.

What will you learn?

India is home to more than 45,000 species of plants, and over 16,000 species of these flowering plants. Through this course we urge you to take up the challenge of learning about atleast 25 species. Are you up for the challenge? At the end of the course, you will realize that it was not only that you learnt about plants but about insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and so much more. This is because we deal botany not an individual subject but as an integrated one. So you will not only learn which tree is growing next to your home/office but will also know who pollinates it, who feeds on it, who are the tree friends and woes and how that affects your life.

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Plant Diversity
  • Introduction to Plant World
  • Plant Families and identification tips
  • Adaptation in plants
  • Pollination Biology
  • Threatened plants of India
  • Plant Education (Plant study modules (garden, forest, wetland), Citizen Science, Plant programmes in the country

Course Fees: Rs.6500/-

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Structure:
Study Resources: 6 chapters with videos, Online assignments (6 no.), Online Quiz (3 no.), Google Hangouts with Experts and assignment review​ (9 no.), Local Field Visits (3 no.), Project work (1), Hands on activities (3), and Final exam (1).

Course Faculty:
Dr. Rajendra Shinde, Botanist

Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, Naturalist


The first batch concluded this month with a project work presentation by the participants. You can view the best presentation on our Facebook page . The next batch of the course starts on 1st June, 2017..


Our second batch of online courses on botany kick started on 1st June Mr. Isaac chatted with the participants.


Here’s what our participants have to say about the course:

“Overall I felt it was a very good 'next step' for someone who's interested in plants and trees and would like to get a little more technical knowledge. I am able to describe a plant using at least some of the technical terms that experts use for identification and classification, and I'm able to appreciate plant families and classifications.”

-Subramanyam Ramanathan, Bangalore.

“The course was very informative. Course contents kept up my expectations. It was easy to understand. Chats were enriching. Field visits were interesting. I am into travel business, so this online course was apt.”

- Madhusudhan Shukla, Bangalore.