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India is home to the largest number of bird species in the world. We are blessed with more than 1300 species. Owing to the popularity of birds and bird watching around us we are happy to launch a short term online course on Birds for Beginners. Eminent ornithologists will be involved as experts for chats, field visits and study modules. It is a graded course and you will receive a Certificate after successful completion of the course.

As the name suggests, the course is suitable for amateur nature enthusiasts such as students, teachers and families. If birds excite you and you do not have any science background, this course might help you fuel your passion.

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Course Details

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Birds
  • Bird Body and Adaptation
  • Bird Groups (Bird families, forest birds, grassland birds and waders)
  • Bird Architecture
  • Bird Breeding Biology ( Bird calls, egg to fledging journey)
  • Bird conservation (Migration, Threatened birds, Conservation Projects)

Course Duration :  3 months (1 December 2016- 1 March 2017)

Course Team: Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi (Course Coordinator), Ms. Priti Choghale (Course Manager), Ms. Krutika Dalvi (Course Executive).

Course Faculty: Dr. Asad Rahmani, Dr. Parvish Pandya

Course Structure:

Hours of study: 5-6 hours/week

Study Resources: 6 chapters with videos

Activities offered: The Course management system is Moodle where in we will offer Online assignments (6 no.), Online Quiz (3 no.), Google Hangouts with Experts (6 no.), Local Field Visits (3 no.), Project work (1), Hands on activities (3) and Final exam (1).

Course Fee:   Rs.6500/- per head


This month participants had a chat with Dr. Balachandran on 'Bird Migration'. The next chat is now scheduled on Bird Calls by Dr. Ketki Marthak


Our Batch I of online course on Birds for Beginners concluded in the last week of February. This is one of the best presentations about the course project work on local avifauna by Subramanyam Ramanathan from Bangalore. Witness the bird biodiversity as documented by these birders. here.

Here’s what our participants have to say about the course:

“The subject was covered in depth. I have learned the technique of identifying birds. It has also helped me learn about analyzing birds in a structured-documented manner; especially about bird diversity and seasonality. If you are looking to learn more about birds, beyond a good photograph, this is certainly the course to join. Thank you team for being supportive and encouraging us!” - -Deepam Yogi, Mumbai

“Great course for any budding bird watcher. lot of useful information and ideas.” -
-Divya Ramji, Chennai

“The course helped me structure my observations and learning. Over the course of 3 months I observed more than 30 species which I had never seen before. The techniques of observation shared also greatly helped - it taught me where to look and what to look for, and how to identify a bird once I sighted it. It also taught me the virtue of being patient!”
-Subramanyam Ramanatham, Bangalore


“It was a very meaningful course for me as I was looking for something like this to understand my environment better and plan my farm.”
- Rama Ranee, Bangalore