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Insect Camps

This unique initiative is created for promotion of insect tourism and giving insects the respect they deserve. Being a pioneer in entomology outreach programme in India, our passion for insects remains undying.

Under the Insect Tourism we will be holding insect study camps in biodiversity rich areas during monsoon and post monsoon months. Insects as habitat indicators are not being studied and through these study camps our participants will prepare an inventory of insects. Additionally they will opportunity to interact with dying tribe of entomologists too. We will be also helping local communities to learn and appreciate about their local insect fauna, for the same we would expect our participants to volunteer their time and skill as and when needed.

This being an insect-centric, our endeavor of reaching out to seriously 'bugging' people gets easier. The participants will be exposed to following insect study methods; Light traps, Pitfall traps, Baiting, Sugar painting, Species diversity, Population estimates, developing insect educational modules and communicating entomology. Also mentoring for scientific writing will be also provided.

Our first camp was held at Bheemashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.
Check out the details  Insect Pilgrimage to bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary

Watch a Pitfall Trapping technique being demonstrated during an Insect tourism camp-

Beating the Bush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lldSzJYpjV8&feature=youtu.be

Pitfall Trapping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDS1vUj6tGw&feature=youtu.be

Insect Camp at Dangs
Explore the insects of Western Ghats at Dang Forest, Gujarat.
Date: 18-20 August 2017


Alluring Amboli
Unravel the mysterious life forms of Ambol, Sawantwadii with Mr. Isaac Kehimkar.
Date: 22-24 September 2017