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Projects > Urban iNaturewatch Challenge > How to Participate?

Who can participate?

The challenge is open for everybody from students to teachers, home makers to professionals, amateurs to experts from any part of the country. However for our project purpose we are concentrating on schools from Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata where they have environmental projects to work on as part of their syllabus. Though we are fully aware Indian schools do not allow their students to have mobiles or tablets inside the school, we are therefore targeting this initiative to teachers. The idea is to engage the gadget-freak generation with technology for betterment.

For registration click here

How to use the mobile apps?

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Once you download the apps on your device, go for nature tour around your surroundings.

Step 2

If you come across a tree whose name you may not know, click the tree app and browse as checklist as per the leaf shape or bark type. Click on the closest example and see whether you got your tree identified.

Step 3

If you are not able to locate your tree on the app, give one more try, click on the Explore All Trees menu and glance through the images, if you don’t find your tree here too, chances are there that your tree is not listed on this app.

Step 4

In such a situation you could take a picture of the tree and send to us through your report.

Step 5

If it is a butterfly, you may browse through colours and patterns as a key.

Step 6

If it is a bird you could browse using bird size and dominant colours as a key.

We however do not guarantee that you will find all your local species on this app as it has limited common species. For free downloads on these apps on your Android phones, click here.

How to collect the data?